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  • Let me hear your body talk: an explorative journey to the ordinaries of Social VR, with Stefan Maier, Cenk Güzeli, Dominic Schwab. Digital FUTURES Workshop, online.

  • The Smallest of Worlds. VRHAM!, with Joan Soler-Adillon and Bettina Katja Lange. XR-Installatio. Virtual Reality and Arts Festival, Hamburg

  • The Smallest of Worlds. Les Ailleurs Exhibition, with Joan Soler-Adillon and Bettina Katja Lange. XR-Installatio. Digital Arts Museum  La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris

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The Smallest of Worlds -
A Social Landscape Of Collected Privacy

Format: 6Dof Virtual Reality Experience

Status: 2019 - ongoing

Collaborators: Bettina Katja Lange, Joan Soler-Adillon

Special Thanks to: Burkart Schwaighofer (Developer) I Juan Carlos Duarte Regino (Sound Composition) I Max Happ (Installation Production) I  Stefan Maier (Web Development) I Macario Ortega (Contribution Web Page )

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The Smallest of Worlds -  A Landscape of Collected Privacy is an immersive archive composed of people’s most personal places and intimate moments during their home quarantine and self-isolation.
Our living spaces are not only places of refuge and comfort, they also serve as our archives, preserving our stories and precious memories.

Since the beginning of the domestic quarantine, our private spaces have acquired an unusually high priority; they have become indispensable places of retreat. We got used to new routines, identified different needs, tried new activities. We looked for new niches and corners to find peace and to reflect on the current situation. Paradoxically, it has been a moment that connected us all, even if we experienced it separately.

The Smallest of Worlds is a walk-in, immersive archive in virtual reality; a time capsule of global involvement, with the aim of documenting and investigating the traces of intrinsic relationships between people and their most intimate and personal places, that have helped them cope with the period of quarantine and self-isolation.

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